How to install and configure EA app (ex Origin) on Steam Deck?

Another launcher – EA app is replacing Origin – so we will go through installing EA app on Steam Deck

Here is official statement from EA on replacing Origin –

This one will be exactly the same as GOG Galaxy and EPIC, however -we will go through it. Maybe not in such details as with GOG, but all the steps will be here.

If you are missing something – please check my GOG Launcher install guide. There is also guide about installing and uninstalling games on GOG, so you may check that out also.

There are some things worth repeating:

Be aware that I cannot be responsible for any damage you do following this guide – be sure to have backups of your saves and games. I cannot take responsibility for any kind of damage!

Here is a resource on how to check if game is playable on Steam DeckNot all games work with Steam Deck, and not all games work out of the box – so it is worth checking the status of game support for Steam Deck – especially if you are buying game, and doing it only for Steam Deck.

Quick help if you are really new to Steam Deck (things that you will need here)

How to get to Desktop Mode on Steam Deck

How to get on-screen keyboard on Steam Deck

How to navigate Desktop Mode with Steam Deck

Steam Deck File System Basic – How to navigate File Manager

For this guide I recommend you use keyboard and mouse – it is doable on Steam Deck, but it will be more comfortable with mouse and keyboard.

What is the reason I should have launcher installed?

Mainly cloud saves and game updates.

Preparing Installation

On EA app main site – on the main screen there is a button on the middle of the page that says – Download the EA app

Press it and let the download finish. By default downloaded installer will be in Downloads folder.

Preparing Steam Client

We now need to add downloaded EAappinstaller.exe to the Steam Client – so we can start installation.

Press ADD A GAME at the bottom left of the Steam Client – click on Add a Non-Steam Game… | Press BROWSE… | Under File Type: select All Files | Navigate to the folder where EAappinstaller.exe is, select it and press OPEN

EAappinstaller.exe should be selected | Press ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS

Now EAappinstaller.exe is in Steam Client | Press Manage (little cog icon) and select Properties

Under SHORTCUT sidebar menu, we now won’t touch anything – we will later return here, but we will now leave it as it is. Only option under SHORTCUT sidebar menu you will wish to change is LAUNCH OPTIONS – if you want to install this on MicroSD, you will need the command below.

STEAM_COMPAT_MOUNTS=/run/media/mmcblk0p1/ %command%

I will leave that empty, since I will install on my main drive inside Steam Deck.

Under COMPATIBILITY sidebar menu, we will select “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool” and will select latest Proton. Proton helps us run Windows software in Linux.

At the time of writing (middle of January 2023) EA app with start with GE-Proton7-43. Regular Proton7.0-5 won-t work (blank login screen).

Close the window when you are done.


Now, after we are done with configuration, we will start installation of Launcher by pressing Play.

Be patient after you press Play

Let’s go

Doing something…

I got login screen. I will try my Origin account

Looks like it works

It works, and now I will close it, we need to convert our .exe from installation to app.

Be sure to close your app – it will minimise to system tray!!

We now need to change our Steam Client shortcut from installer to program executable.

First we are going to our File Manager – we need to navigate to our Compatdata folder (see links for the File Manager at the beginning if you are not familiar with term).

Last Folder I created was 15 minutes ago – that is my EAapp install

Navigate to EA Desktop (can be seen in screenshot) – select EADesktop.exe and right click on it – select “Copy Location”

We will now again go back to our Steam Client EAappinstaller.exe item and again press Manage (little cog icon) and select Properties

On SHORTCUT sidebar menu, select Browse – in “File name” by pressing Control + V on the keyboard (right click with mouse won’t work, it’s a bug) paste the path you copied earlier. Under “File type” select All Files – click on OPEN

I will also change name of the shortcut to “Ubisoft Connect” and check that target has full path (including) UbisoftConnect.exe. Start in should only have full path, without exe.

COMPATIBILITY sidebar menu should be left as we initially set it – with Proton enabled.

This is optional and will give you mouse access in app interface- Before we run our app, we can do one more thing- right click on your app shortcut in steam library – select Manage | click on Controller layout (you can do this, are you can select some other type on controller layout)

Under current layout click on little triangle and select – Gamepad with Mouse Trackpad

Exit and continue starting your app

If you wish to make your Launcher prettier, look at this guide

Let’s press Play

After some time, we are at the main screen…

Like all the other launchers – it will work fine, but sometimes it will hang or freeze.

Installing a Game

Remember – first check if game is compatible with Steam Deck – and will it play.

I will try to download and install game through launcher and we will check where it is installed.

Game is also installed inside launcher directory (4020761890)

Playing a game through EA app

I installed a pretty old game, but still, in Desktop mode – it worked

The game also quit nicely, without errors.

In Gaming Mode – launcher also works and fits screen nice, navigate by touchscreen. Game starts, but commands don’t work

Uninstalling a Game

As with every launcher – I will try and do it through launcher – in Desktop Mode

Game uninstalled, and folder 4020761890 is only 880.4MB in size.

That is it in short for EA app on Steam Deck.