How to learn what is what inside compatdata on Steam Deck?

When you expand compatdata folder on your Steam Deck inside it there are bunch of folder – how will we know what is what?

There are three ways to find out what is what in compatdata – by expanding folders, by looking up folder number inside SteamDB, or with plugins.

I’m using tool called Disk Usage Analyzer – I described how to install it in this guide.

Let’s start with looking up folder numbers inside SteamDB

Find what is inside compatdata folder by looking in SteamDB

Let’s take two folders – folder named “1574580” and folder named “4035160776”

There is a site called SteamDB, in search on this website we will enter those folder numbers to see what is what

Let’s check “1574580”

SteamDB says it is Strange Horticulture – and that is right.

Let’s now check folder number “4035160776”

Nothing was found… That is interesting. Nothing was found because that is non-Steam game. Non-Steam games won’t identify in SteamDB

What what is inside Compatdata folder by – expanding number folder.

I will use Disk Usage Analyzer, but File Manager can also be used – in the end, it is purpose of file manager.

With Disk Usage Analyzer it was easy, just follow the largest directory path… Inside the folder

“4035160776” is Cyberpunk 2077.

Of course, we can see the same with File Manager (Dolphin)

How about plugins?

I always use built in tools first, I resort to the plugins and 3rd party apps as a last resort – always.

That is how my workflow is. There is nothing wrong with plugins, and nothing wrong in using them – my philosophy is just different.

There is tool called ProtonTricks – it can be installed via Discover Store in Desktop Mode, and it will show you all that is installed – be it Steam or Non-Steam game or app. I recommend this tool very much, because it will make your life easier.

With this data, you can also reference what is what inside shadercache folder – it has same numbers as compatdata folder.