How to download Windows 10 ISO without Windows Media Creation Tool

I usually use Windows Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 ISO. For Steam Deck, I wanted to create Windows 10 To GO MicroSD, and it wouldn’t work with ISO created with Windows Media Creation Tool. So, to get Windows 10 ISO image for our Windows to Go – we need to do a simple trick – follow along to see what…

In my How to Install Windows 10 on Steam Deck guide I provided my Windows 10 To GO clean image you can use for your Steam Deck.

If you want to create your own Windows 10 To Go for your Steam Deck, this is the first step you need to do.

And for this step – you will need access to Windows Machine

Let’s do this quickly – this is the link on which you will get your Windows 10 download usually, we will use it now also –

This is displayed page – ok, now open Internet Explorer – you heard well – open Internet Explorer, and paste the link into it.

After link is opened in Internet Explorer – click on a cog wheel (Settings) and select F12 Developer Tools

Select Emulation Tab – under Browser profile select Windows Phone

User agent string – select Microsoft Edge – Windows 10 Mobile

Now, window in your browser will look different – smaller – like on mobile phone – but there is a huge difference now – if you scroll down – you will have a field in which you can “Select edition”

We will select Windows 10 (multi-edition ISO) and select confirm

For a language I selected English – Confirm

Choose version you would like to download – 64 or 32bit version (I downloaded 64bit)

Click Save on bottom of Internet Explorer for Download to Start

Download will start, don’t close Internet Explorer while download is going!!

When it is done – you will find your ISO in Downloads folder (if you haven’t changed default download folder) – great, we skipped Media Download Tool, and still managed to get latest official Windows 10 ISO